Shot. Edited. Published. In minutes!

Flickfeeder unites speed and quality in event photography.

The Flickfeeder system streamlines the process of creating, editing and publishing photos in real-time, saving you a lot of time. This makes it a breeze to serve high quality photos to all stakeholders in the shortest amount of time possible.
For the media, performers, visitors, sponsors, band managers and to all the people that wished they were there…
With Flickfeeder you can reach them all and reach them first!

This is how it works

As a photographer you can provide your photos to your client before anyone else can. The Flickfeeder device connects your camera to our easy-to-operate platform, all photo’s automatically land onto the online editor’s screen. No more running to your laptop in between or digging through all of the photo’s later on.

As an event organizer now you can finally manage and enjoy a steady feed of your own photos while they are being shot. No more waiting and crossing your fingers until everyone delivers all kinds of files after the fact. Flickfeeder is the easiest way to reach a broader audience, faster than anyone else can. Imagine the artists sharing your official photo’s with their fans when they want it the most!

Some of our satisfied customers

Coming Soon

Location Awareness

Photographers will be provided information based on where they are, to help decide on ‘when and where’ to go.

Organisations can get a live overview of their event and see what is or was going on and where.

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